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Never Give Up!!!

Many times life can throw so many curve balls at you. That can lead to either excuses or motivation. So many times for myself it led to excuses. Many people may look at certain situations that I've been through and say "those aren't excuses, those are legit obstacles". The truth is I let those situations turn into excuses.

For so long I had been living in a place of survival, and always being in that state of mind is not a great thing. You will always be in defense mode and you always think people are against you, even when they aren't. Luckily for me I had/ have special people in my life who genuinely want to see me win. They have all not only encouraged me to be the woman I am destined to be but they have also been there in my very dark moments.

I said all of that to say this, never give up on yourself and never second guess yourself. Your dreams and goals may not always happen or fall into place when you want them to. You may not be ready for them in more ways than one. For me personally I think I still had to work on my mentality, my patience, and determination. Since I've been really trying to focus on improving those three things so much has been falling into place for me.

So never give up on your dreams and goals. Everything has a reason and a season. Be patient and your time will come.

Special thanks to SNOW for being a very important pillar in my life.

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