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Staying On Track!!!

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

So many times we can start a new hair journey and suddenly stop. Many times life has its ways of throwing curve balls and it may cause us to neglect our hair. It's so easy to say "Oh I'll just throw a wig on today.", or "I can rock this scarf for one more day.". The truth is we're only causing more harm than good. In the beginning it was so hard for me to stay on track with my hair routine. I had a two year old and a nine month old when I decided I wanted to go completely natural. Now between my children and my two jobs I had no time to really tend to my hair.

For a whole year I was on a roller coaster ride with my hair. One moment every thing was fine and my hair was manageable and the next moment I wanted to cut my hair off and start all over. I didn't realize the process from processed hair to natural hair would be so challenging. From trying to understand my hair texture and scalp to trying to find the perfect product, I felt like I was going crazy. But there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

I finally got the hang of my hair's "attitude" and got a routine that could easily adjust to my ever changing schedule. My goal with managing my hair was finally reached. With all of that being said. I know it can be hard staying on track but it will all be worth it.


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