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Where It All Began!

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Hello to everyone! My name is Nequai. I've been on a journey for the past 10yrs trying to live my life in a more healthy and natural way. So 6yrs ago I decided that I wanted to stop using chemicals in my hair. Well, the more I researched I began to realized that in order to stop using chemicals I had to change EVERYTHING. I soon began to realize that there is so much more to transitioning your hair.

The first thing I realized was there aren't many products out there that cater to the more kinky or course hair. Then when you start to read the labels you start to see things like Alcohol Denat, which is not good for people who have sensitive and/or dry skin and Cyclopentasiloxane which has also been brought into question in regards to its safety. I just wanted soft beautiful hair without the constant damage.

So after much frustration I pulled out my A&P science books and pulled up google on my smart phone and started researching. Then in 2015, my Restoring Conditioner was born. I would use it once a week and immediately I noticed a difference. My hair was more soft, manageable, and had great shine. Who would of thought I would get that from simple ingredients from my local supermarket.

Now 5yrs later I can say I'm proud of where my products have come and where they are going. With all of the collective research that I've done up to this point, I must say between using it myself, on my kids, and feedback from current customers I am very excited for other potential customers to try the products.

So take a look around get acquainted with the site, check out the products, and share your experience.




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